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Welcome to Oli Kawaii Verse!

This page is dedicated to my second NFT collection, Oli Kawaii Verse which is now available on OpenSea!


So, where did the inspiration come from? Well, my children inspire this collection. I created these kawaii characters about ten years ago when my daughter was two years old. Being a stay-at-home mom, I spent a lot of time together with her. She was the eldest child, so my husband and I doted on her so much.

When she was about two years old, she discovered crayons and was obsessed with them. I gave her an old notebook for her to scribble on. And she would spend a long time scribbling on the pages.

Then an idea came to me, why not spend some quality time with her by drawing and coloring together? So that is how I came up with the idea of creating my kawaii characters. I wasted no time purchasing a sketchbook and started making some sketches.

The first character I created was Ava and Eli. The inspiration for Eli came from an elephant stuffed toy I bought at Ikea, and it was my daughter’s favorite toy.

And the next character was Lollipop Shivon.

I had a lot of inspiration for the next few days, and by the end of the week, I had drawn 16 characters.

I continued to draw other things, but these drawings remained untouched for the next ten years. My daughter and I did and still do bond over our shared passion, drawing. She is 12 now and loves to draw digitally. Here are samples of her digital drawings.

Of course, my son is still part of my muse, even though he was not born when I made these drawings. One of the characters, Angry Neville, was inspired by him. If you look at his baby picture (the first picture), you will understand why!

He was not temperamental, but Neville hardly smiled when he was a baby. And he seemed to frown all the time and gave the impression that he was annoyed with his surroundings LOL. He is eight years old this year and he is such a sweet and polite boy.

Future Plan

The first 15 characters are now available on OpenSea. Each kawaii character in Oli Kawaii Verse is unique and has its personality. These characters are hand-drawn and digitally edited, and enhanced. There is only one copy of each character, and they are not available anywhere else in the world. Each NFT has a high pixel/resolution (6096×6096).

Oli Kawaii Verse is an ongoing project. I will continue creating and introducing new characters for Oli Kawaii Verse (OKV). I also plan to include “scenes” of interactions between characters in OKV. Each character has a role to play within OKV, and they are not just random characters I created. I hope to create a fun world within this kawaii universe.

The collection is available now on OpenSea.

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