1919533_162560294069_1123086_nSarawak (Malaysia)-based artist Olivia Julius Dunggat a.k.a Coloringiship is a self-taught artist who believes that art should be for everyone, and everyone can create art.

She works mainly with black fine liners, watercolors, and water-soluble graphite to illustrate portraits/stencil portraits, doodles, and coloring pages.

Olivia lives and works in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with her husband and two beautiful children.

Artist Statement

My art is colorful, fun, full of interesting and quirky repetitive doodle patterns and motifs that are inspired by the vibrant and rich culture of my ethnic, the Iban of Sarawak (Malaysia Borneo). My art seeks to create a sense of joy and fun to those who see it.

My art style is generally known as “doodle”. However, my work encompasses three different styles – zendoodling, stendoodling, and doodling art. However, I do not limit myself to one art style and on top of doodling, I enjoy drawing people’s portraits and stencil art. My subjects are animals, people, and plants. I gain inspirations from nature and simple daily events and moments.

I use black fine liners and markers to doodle. The black lines create a stunning contrast with the colorful background that I painted using watercolors or watercolor pencils and markers. Why watercolor? Watercolor is difficult to control because once diluted with water the result can be very unpredictable. I like that unpredictability because, like life, not everything can happen as planned. So, I really like that element of “surprise” that watercolor gives, unlike other art media.

I have always been artsy throughout my life but I did not pursue art seriously until 2013 as a coloring book artist. I create art mainly as a form of self-discovery and as a therapy to deal with issues and challenges in life.

Drawing doodles has a calming effect that helps me to relax while dealing with stressful situations. The colorful background gives positive vibes and reminds me that despite challenges in life, there are so many good blessings that I should be grateful for.

Like I said, my self-taught artist journey is a journey of self-discovery. However, I also hope my journey will also inspire other self-taught artists who just starting their artistic life. I want to inspire new self-taught artists that they too can pursue art regardless of their challenges in life. Anyone can pursue a creative life regardless of age, background, education, race, or language barrier. Art doesn’t have to be difficult because almost everyone has the ability to create something beautiful.