Mindless Self-Indulgence: Sketches & Thoughts On NFTs | Pages From My Sketchbook

Another peek at the pages of my sketchbook. I posted the first part, which consisted of five pages from my sketchbook in this post Mindless Self-Indulgence: Sketches & Thoughts | Pages From My Sketchbook.

My Random Thoughts On NFTs

NFT or Non-Tangible Token have taken the world by storm. It seems to be the only thing people are talking about these days. I read about NFT a couple of years ago, but I didn’t think much about it. Nor do I bother when I read news of people selling their NFTs for millions of dollars. NFT is a game-changer to many artists. There are pros and cons, obviously, but it seems there are many benefits that simply can’t be ignored. One of its benefits is the borderless market.

We are living in an exciting age where almost every piece of information is available on the tips of our fingers. We communicate with each other from across the globe in seconds. We traded things online, and there is almost no limit to marketing our work. We can promote our artwork to nearly anyone worldwide through the Internet. This is a massive opportunity for many artists because not every artist has the privilege to conventions, galleries, exhibitions. Even for those who do, it doesn’t come close to the scale of the Internet.

But this opportunity is not limited to artists. Anyone can jump on the NFT bandwagon and start to churn thousands of valueless tokens. I had a discussion with a good friend recently. I respect her so much, and she is also a content contributor on Hive. I asked her what she thinks of the mass-produced NFTs that flooded the marketplaces? She said she has grave reservations about these NFTs. One reason is they are not cheap to produce, and it takes a long time to render them. Another reason is what value does she gain by purchasing these NFTs? Yes, they are pretty to look at, but what is the story, motivation, inspiration behind them? Are they just random characters or ideas conjured by the artists without considering the reasons to create them other than to make money? She said the market will not be kind to the “mint them and make a ton of money from quantity vs quality” for very long. Because once the market shakes out, quality rather than quantity will take over.

Five Pages From My Sketchbook

Now, this is quite a long post! So, what does it got to do with the pages from my sketchbook? Probably nothing. I am just thinking of what value I can provide when I mint my artwork. Are these illustrations just some pretty pictures, or do they stir some sort of emotions when you look at them? Do they look valueless to you? Or would you pay to own them because they have that melancholic feels to them or whatever?

Do you like dogs? I am a cat person, and though I don’t dislike dogs, I feel slightly uncomfortable with their eagerness to please you.

Women never had it easy, ever. There is always pressure to meet the societal expectations with which we are constantly bombarded. We are taught to believe that no matter what we do, they will never be enough. It’s a war we can never win.

We have evolved into a species obsessed with capturing every moment and yet failed to live the moment.

How are you coping with this pandemic? Omicron is hitting us all hard. The surge in depression and anxiety during the pandemic is not surprising, given the various challenges the pandemic has posed to many of us. How do we cope? Professional help is highly encouraged, and journaling can be beneficial too.

That awkward silent moment between two people facing each other. You don’t quite know what to do, so you fidget, check your messages, drink your coffee, cross, and recross your legs to soften that awkwardness.

So that’s it for now. I am bad at making conclusions, so I just leave this as it is.

Thank you for visiting and reading my post. I hope you like it!

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