Frog Doodle

frog doodle

“Frog doodle”, one of the mini artwork I made recently. This painting is tiny, 11 x 11 cm or 4.5 x 4.5 inch. I have been really busy and doesn’t have much time to make art. However, I don’t want to make that as an excuse not to create something. It’s a habit, I guess, just no matter how busy I am, I always made time to create something.

This is a pretty simple doodle. Anyone can make this. I don’t want the background to be boring white, so I applied purple, red, yellow watercolor wash as the background. And using an H pencil, I sketched the drawing and finally inked it using a black fine liner. That’s it 😉

I have been answering some questions on Quora related to art and drawing from beginner artists. Many are not quite sure how to start (learning) to draw. Well, drawing is simple. Just pick up your pencil, get a piece of paper and draw. Find inspirations from the internet if you are stuck. Practice, practice, practice and forget your inner critics. If you think no one is going to like your art, so be it. No one can force anyone to like something. No matter what art style we pursue, someone is bound to hate what we do. Live with it. Sounds corny, but life really is too short to dwell on people’s opinions. Create your art, spread the love and touch lives with what you do 😉

Here are the progress photos of my frog doodle:

frog doodle

frog doodle

doodle frog

frog doodle

It is up in my shop and here’s the link if you want to have a look. And some sample products in my shop 😉

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