Dandelion Wall Art

dandelion wall art


Spring is finally here for certain parts of the world. This lovely season gave me the idea to paint a dandelion wall art on a piece of A4 watercolor paper. By the way, most of my art are painted on A4 cold-pressed watercolor paper. I do want to paint on bigger surfaces but space is an issue in my tiny apartment.

Anyway, dandelion is not a flower but a type of weed. It’s quite pesky and the Ibans have a vulgar name for dandelion. We called it “bulu **** Inik Andan” which literally means Inik Andan (Andan’s Grandma’s) pubic hair. Good God, I can’t believe I wrote that here but yeah, that’s true! I didn’t make it up LOL! I bet you learned something new today LOL!

Did you know that the word “dandelion” was developed in the 15th century? It was coined from the Latin words “dens lionis” that means lion’s tooth. However, the French called it dent-de-lion, and thereafter adopted by the English as dandelion. The phrase remained to this day.

Dandelion symbolizes many things to different people but most commonly it symbolizes getting your dreams come true or surviving through all challenges and difficulties. To me it symbolizes a new beginning or hope for the future. When the seeds get blown in the wind they bring new life with them.

So here is my dandelion art in my signature style of bright colors. Here are the progress photos:

dandelion wall art

dandelion art

dandelion wall art

This dandelion wall art is available as printable in my Etsy shop. You can download the printable and print at home or at a print shop. It is available in four different paper dimensions – A3, A4, A5, and US letter size.

It’s also available in my Redbubble shop here 🙂

dandelion home decor

Oh I almost forgot to mention that this painting was inspired by one of the coloring pages I created years ago. You can find that page in my Gumroad store.

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