Seahorse Drawing With Color

Seahorse Drawing With Color

I completed this seahorse drawing with color sometime earlier last week before the Lunar New Year. I posted this drawing in my earlier post: Simple Seahorse Drawing. However, I did not manage to post it simply because we were busy celebrating the joyous occasion with our Chinese friends. It was a one-week school break however, we did not plan any trip and spent most of the time at home or visiting our Chinese friends’ “open house”.

Now, the Malaysian “open house tradition” must be a foreign concept to many people. The “open house” concept is practice during the various Malaysian cultural and religious festivals. When someone holds an “open house”, friends, family and relatives, and sometimes even strangers would visit the homes of those who are celebrating the festival, to celebrate the joyful occasion together and enjoy the feast prepared by the hosts! it does sound strange but this is one of the special things living in a multiracial country like Malaysia 🙂

But I digress.

Of course, Chinese New Year has nothing to do with this seahorse drawing with color LOL! I simply wanted to share a bit about a fun week I had celebrating the Lunar New Year Malaysian style.

Now back to this drawing. The background was painted using watercolor and the doodle was colored using watercolor pencils and markers. Here are the progress photos:

And the completed drawing.

seahorse drawing with color


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Here are some sample products – dress, photographic print, greeting card, and drawstring bag 🙂

seahorse doodle with color

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