My Daughter Is a “Ranger”

No art post today, just a snapshot of my daughter and her church friends during their group activity. My daughter will turn 9 in October and this year she is officially a “Ranger”, a term used in our church referring to kids age 9-10 years old. If you are a Christian I am sure you are familiar with “Youth group” and the Ranger group is similar to that but only for the younger kids. In our church, we have several different groups for the kids depending on their age. We have the Rangers, Pre-teens, Young-teens, Teens, Campus, and Singles. Different groups will cater to different needs and issues pertaining to those in their age group.

I am pretty excited for my girl and she¬†loves it too. By the way, today is her first meeting with the group and she is excited to build more friendships with other kids her age ūüėČ

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