Zombie Sloths

In yesterday’s post, I shared a couple of pages from my sketchbook and one of it was a bucketful of sloths. So today I decided to work on the sloth painting. I sketched it exactly the way I did in my sketchbook and it went quite well until I shown it to my 8 years old daughter to ask for her honest opinion. And guess what? She said they look like zombies! LMAO! She was right.

I did a terrible mistake by using gray on their faces and the shade became too pale and ghoulish LOL!

So I had to discard the painting and start all over again. I re-sketched the idea and made the sloths roundish and cuddly. And here is the outcome…it’s not too clear but it certainly looks better than the first one.

I will trace this sketch on a new painting paper and hopefully, I can start working on it tomorrow morning 🙂

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