My Girl Has A Viral Fever

Hi all, I started this new pattern design earlier today but couldn’t complete it because I was busy taking care of my sick daughter. The packed activities over the weekends finally took a toll on her. She went to school as usual in the morning but around 11am I received a call from her teacher saying that she was complaining of a headache. This was the first time it happened this year and she hardly has a headache.  I knew she must have developed a fever. Since we only have one car, I had to call my husband to go and fetch her from school. Within 30 minutes they reached home. She was feverish and lethargic. I called our family clinic whether we could come to consult the doctor but was advised to come at 3.30pm because the doctor was not in the office. I gave her a dose of paracetamol syrup after lunch and sent her to bed. However, her fever persisted.

Around 4pm I drove her to the clinic and she was diagnosed with a viral fever and was sent home with a medication, and was advised to take plenty of rest and drink more water. We came home at 5.30pm and she continued her nap until her dad came home from work at 8.30pm. She was still lethargic but felt much better.

Such is a parent life. When your kids are sick you have to put aside other things and focus your priority on them. I only managed to squeeze a bit of time to paint this small section of my latest pattern painting. If my daughter feels better tomorrow I might be able to finish it. But for now, I have nothing much to show other than this small progress.

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