Doodle Art | Girl With the Red Umbrella

Just a simple doodle for today. Girl with the red umbrella. I am working on a couple of simple doodle/paintings but I am just posting this one and will post the other one tomorrow. Here’s a beautiful poem by Stacey Renshaw that inspires this drawing ๐Ÿ™‚

The Girl With the Red Umbrella

The girl with the red umbrella is hiding her tears as the rain falls heavily and her island home disappears.
The house where she has spent her whole life is seen in the distance and her memories are replayed in an instant.
The girl grips the handle of the red umbrella so tight
as the boat sails sorrowfully by.
The girl protects herself with the red umbrella against the elements of life,
For this was the precious gift given to her by her devoted father
on the very same day he died.

Copyright and Source: Stacey Renshaw

Here are the progress photos:

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