My Flower Doodle Design

I had a bit of lousy day today. I had a migraine. It doesn’t happen frequently these days unlike before I fell sick and had to go through a surgery earlier this year. However, when it happens, it can be very uncomfortable. I try not to complain because my migraine is nothing compares to what one of my dear friends is going through. She has a severe migraine/chronic pain that affects her ability to work as normal people do. Anyway, such is life. It is always unfair but we have to face whatever challenges we have with courage and strength.

I didn’t manage to be online much but when I did have a bit of time, I used it to upload more designs to my Redbubble store. I started to be more active there these days because I decided to close a couple of my local stores (yes, I have several online shops :). I felt like I am stretching myself too thin and I thought it’s better to focus on one store rather than trying to manage several shops. I even research for ways to make my designs better and I am considering to enroll in an online marketing course to better promote myself as an artist.

Here is one of the designs I uploaded to my shop today. I made this doodle several months ago for a doodle tutorial post.

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