Doodle Painting | Orang Ulu Girl part 2

Finally, this doodle painting is completed. It took me almost a week to complete it. I was working on a commission portrait and had to put this aside. I fell sick several days ago and couldn’t really work on anything and this piece was further delayed. I wrote about this doodle here: Doodle Painting | Orang Ulu Girl.

The Orang Ulu tribal groups are diverse, they typically live in longhouses elaborately decorated with murals and woodcarvings.They are also well known for their intricate beadwork detailed tattoos, rattan weaving, and other tribal crafts. The Orang Ulu tribes can also be identified by their unique music Рdistinctive sounds from their sapes, a plucked boat-shaped lute, formerly with two strings, nowadays usually with four strings. They also practice Kanjet, a form of traditional dance. ~ Wikipedia

I guess I could never stick to monochrome colors or at most 3 colors. Almost all of my paintings are colorful! LOL rainbow colors make me happy. This painting is no exception, something bright, cheerful happy!

Here are the progress photos:

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