Finally I Updated My Portfolio!

I finally updated my portfolio after a couple of years of setting up my website! For the past 15 months, I was busy blogging at and this website was basically abandoned. I was too busy building my presence over there that I thought it was too much work to maintain a couple of sites at the same time. However, I keep this site because I knew I will be actively using it eventually. And since I discovered Steempress plugin , there is no need for me to use Steemit editor because whatever I posted here will be posted on Steemit simultaneously.

No art post from me today because I was going through my artworks to select the best ones to feature on my portfolio. I have been pursuing art seriously close to 5 years now and I have a small collection of artwork that I keep in files. I said “small” because what I created were nothing compared to those who have been in this field for many, many years. Throughout these years I always reverted to 3 art styles – doodle, stencil, and portrait. I guess I could never choose to pursue solely one style. I love the three of them equally but I can never know. I may prefer one style over the others as time goes by. There is a very good article talking about this: Does it pay to specialize as an artist?

You can view my portfolio here. I have another page to update which is the In the Press page. I have a couple of press clippings that I want to upload but that will have to wait 🙂

Thank you for checking out my post! I hope you like my art and give me a follow 🙂

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I am selling some of my paintings over on Artfinder. Shipping is FREE worldwide. You can check them out here: ARTFINDER.
My gifts & merchandise available at REDBUBBLE (international), & CreativeUnited (Malaysia).

Thank you!


Watercolor Art | If You Want to Fly

If you want to fly, give up everything that weighs you down.

What are your dreams, that something that you always want to pursue but can’t? What weighs you down? What holds you back?

I get it if you said commitments – family, debts, job. I have those too. They are common and valid excuses. We have responsibilities and we have to fulfill them. We need to work to support our family and stuff like that. But I think they shouldn’t be our excuses to not trying to pursue our dreams. Some people give excuses because they are fearful or they don’t want to do the hard work of achieving their dreams. Dreaming is a lot easier and safer than facing the uncertainties of going after our dreams. At least give it a try. Want to travel but can’t afford it? Well, you don’t have to travel far. A local travel destination is good too. An oversea trip is always nice but if you can’t afford it just work out something within your financial capability. Want to lose weight? Begin with stop stuffing yourself with unhealthy food and choose a healthier alternative and exercise. Be realistic about it though.

The key is if you want to fly or achieve your dream, you have to sacrifice something. Let go of the things that hold you back. Now I don’t condone irresponsible choices like neglecting their responsibilities or things like that. Be realistic and choose your options and actions carefully.

A watercolor and ink painting. Here are the progress photos:


I am selling some of my paintings over on Artfinder. Shipping is FREE worldwide. You can check them out here: ARTFINDER.
My gifts & merchandise available at REDBUBBLE (international), & CreativeUnited (Malaysia).


Thank you!


Just another face

No one in particular. Just another beautiful face 😉

Note: Looking for Mother’s/Father’s Day gift or anniversary/appreciation gift or just a gift for someone who has everything? Well why not a sketch portrait as a gift? I am taking portrait commission (A4 size for pencil/stencil marker portrait and A4/A3 for watercolor stencil portrait), PM me for details. You can see some of my work under Portfolio.

Another commission painting

Completed, framed and ready for its new home.

In loving memory of the late Mr. Benedict B. Daun Ben who passed away recently. This painting is of him and his two precious grandsons, Virgil and Sheldon.