1919533_162560294069_1123086_nSarawak (Malaysia)-based artist Olivia Julius Dunggat is a self-taught artist who believes that art should be for everyone, and everyone can create art. She works mainly with black fineliners to illustrate whimsical tribal doodles and designs. She draws inspiration from the vibrant and rich cultural background of her tribe, Iban of Sarawak (Malaysia Borneo).

Her Sarawak Tattoo Mandalas coloring book for adults contains beautifully illustrated mandalas inspired by Sarawak tribal tattoo motifs. Her second adult coloring book, Be Encouraged! contains 30 whimsical hand drawn original designs with short motivational quotes. This coloring book is suitable for all skill levels.

Olivia takes commission requests for portrait painting/drawing in watercolors, markers, or pencil . You may view her portfolio here. For pricing and quotation please request it here or email to her directly at coloringiship@gmail.com.

Olivia lives and works in Kuching, Sarawak. She has two beautiful children and some of their mundane and often funny daily moments are illustrated in her sketchbook which she shares on her blog, Daily Art.

To purchase Olivia’s art you may visit: