Seamiart Watercolour 90 Review

I bought some new art supplies (watercolor set and brush pens) recently and I have been testing the watercolors and made a couple of review videos.

Seamiart Watercolor 90 and Seamiart Brush Pens

I also made an unboxing video that you can watch here:

I reviewed the Seamiart Watercolour 90 set a couple of times. This watercolor palette has 90 colors – 50 normal colors, 36 metallic colors, and 4 neon colors. I bought this set because I can’t afford the pricey Koi Sakura set. This set is made and shipped from China. Initially, I didn’t have high expectations and I was reluctant to buy any watercolor cakes because they are often chalky and not as vibrant as the tube types. Anyway, I gave this a go because of the cheap price and I needed a new watercolor set. You can watch my first review video here:

And the paintings I made…

You can purchase it here (not an affiliate link): Malaysians may purchase it here (not an affiliate link):

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