Precious and Loved Trippy Art

So I did it. A time-lapse video of my drawing. I uploaded it on Youtube and reviving my dead YT channel. Oh, I didn’t speak a word, nope, never. I am an introvert and hate showing my face so all you see in the video is my hands drawing and painting. The video is a bit too long (over 4 minutes), an overkill I guess. I should make something shorter next time, less than 3 minutes is fine, I guess. Anyway, I am so happy I did the video and I am thinking of making a video a week because I think it’s doable. Alright, here’s the video of me working on the Precious and Loved trippy art.

Here’s the completed drawing…

It’s available as printable art on my Etsy and as merch on Redbubble.

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