Light of the World

You are the light of the world. The world badly needs courageous souls to lift and encourage those in despair. Do not give up. Be the light to inspire others.

Note: I am having a bad “artist block” since December. I just don’t feel inspired to do a lot of things months before the worldwide pandemonium. I just plowed along with the best I know. A little art here and there when worries of the next health crisis surfaces. Yes, I have been very very sick. I don’t post it here nor on my social media because I just can’t handle it whenever well-intentioned (and domineering) individuals come to me with unsolicited advice when they know nothing about the facts of my illness. No, just don’t please.

Anyway, I will post pieces of drawings now and then when I am able. I am sorry I don’t have anything much of value to share.

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