Jake the Dog Adventure Time Fan Art

jake the dog

I was not too sure whether to put this post up but finally to decided to go ahead. See, I am trying my hand at Redbubble Partner Program to create licensed fan arts for various TV shows (mostly cartoons). My first character is Jake the Dog from Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time. I browsed the fan art from other artists and I think all of them are digital artwork :(. I don’t do digital art and not sure if mine will be approved. Anyway, I went ahead and drew a minimalist black and white Jake.

jake the dog adventure time fan art

jake the dog fan art

I made and submitted two drawings so far and here’s the second one.

jake the dog adventure time fan art

The two drawings have been uploaded to my store but I guess it will take a while for them to get approved. If rejected then I guess the listings will be removed from my store. Anyway, here a couple of Jake’s tote bags. I love the simplicity of the design but it’s still up to Redbubble/Cartoon Network to approve my work.

Jake the Dog (Adventure Time) fan arts are available here and here.

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