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I talked about working on these two chibi characters in my previous post, Chibi Boy and Girl. I also mentioned that I drew them as part of my notebook project. Yes, I used them as covers for notebooks I published on Amazon. Selling and promoting stuff on Amazon has always been a source of income for me since 2010. I did quite well there for a while and it tanked badly in 2013 because of Google’s algorithm changes and I couldn’t drive traffic to my sites. I don’t make much from there since then, just a little paycheck now and then but nothing to brag about.

In 2015 I learned to publish my own coloring books and sell them on Amazon. I am really grateful because those self-taught skills I learned while working on my books are still useful today. And recently I decided to go back to publishing books on Amazon. I started in May and managed to publish quite a number of low content books (notebooks and journals). I worked on them almost every day for the past month and I am pleased to announce that I sold 10 books already. Not too shabby. Now, a disclaimer; this is not a bragging post. I don’t make tons of money on my side hustles i.e selling art, merchandise although some people did. I don’t write this post to tell people this is easy because it’s not. I worked hard for each and every side hustles I attempted. Long hours and lots of discouragement too πŸ™‚

Now, here are the book covers with the cute chibi characters πŸ™‚

my quotable kids


And the sample interiors:

my quotable son

my quotable daughter

What do you think of these My Quotable Kids notebooks? Here’s the link to these books on Amazon.

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