Two-Universe Doodle Art

two universe doodle art

This is one of my new illustrations, Two-Universe Doodle Art. Why “two-universe”? Everyone has different sides to them or in some people, they are having two very different lives (or in this case “universe”). Called it split personality or a double life. Some people may appear nice, a model citizen, a great community leader or something like that but inside they may be a vicious monster who manipulates and uses people mercilessly.

I am a fan of true crime stories and have been reading quite a bit on personality disorders. Stories of psychopaths, sociopaths, malignant narcissists fascinate me. Not because I aspire to become one but it just humbles me that without God in our lives, all of us are capable to sink to the deepest depth of depravity.

Here are the progress photos:

two universe doodle art

doodle art

two universe doodle art

It is up in my shop and here’s the link if you want to have a look. And some sample products in my shop 😉

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