Funny Mum Gift

funny mum gift

My third mother’s day art, funny mum gift. I posted a couple of “mom’s art” in these posts: Mother’s Day gift and Gift For Mom. It kind of refreshing to draw them because it gives me a break from my overly detailed style :D. And I need that break for my fingers and wrist too. I shared about this problem of mine before but some of you might not aware that I have mild Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and my fingers tend to swell (early stage of arthritis??) if I overworked them. I don’t have them now because I have been careful and not force myself too much and the last painful episode I had was more than a year ago. I know this is a very common problem for those many creative people. Anyway, that’s that.

So here’s my latest art, “because I said so” 😉

funny mum gift

funny mum gift

funny mum gift


It is up in my shop and here’s the link if you want to have a look.

funny mum gift

Oh, I haven’t really talked about this but I am back to developing mobile apps (yes, I am an amateur app developer) after on hiatus for many months. I wish I could focus on multiple jobs at once but alas there’s only so much one can do in a day. I love developing mobile apps because they do provide me with little passive income. If you are curious about my apps here’s the link to my Google Play apps. They are basic stuff and I have so much more to learn. Please feel free to download and rate them =). I don’t have App Store apps at the moment because one need to pay quite a hefty sum to become an AppStore developer but someday I will 🙂

What do you think of my funny mum gift art?

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