Drawing Practice Using A Dip Pen

dip pen drawing practice

It’s a school mid-term break this week and since my daughter is at home I am less busy and have a bit more time to devote to art. Now that may sound weird to some of you but what I mean is since my daughter doesn’t have to go to school so I don’t need to go out and fetch her to and from school. Also, my hubby gets to use the car to work and I don’t need to drive him to the MRT station every morning. Such is life when you have just one car for the family. I do long to have my own car but we can’t afford it at the moment.

So today I decided to use a dip pen to practice my drawing skill. I bought this pen sometime in July last year but I only used it a couple of times. I really need to use it more because I love the natural flow of lines made using this pen. I bought a set of two holders with 5 different nibs. To be honest I am still learning how to use each nib but for today I just want to play around with one of it and see what I can produce.

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dip pen drawing practice

The set was very cheap (MYR12  = US$2.94) but it works just fine. I guess they aren’t for professional use but more for newbies. You can find a similar set on Blick Art. 

dip pen drawing practice

I also bought a bottle of black India Ink by Dr.Ph.Martin’s. I have Sumi ink but since I want to practice on a painting and need it to be waterproof, I used the India ink. Another reason is that India ink is darker and has better consistency than Sumi ink.


I sketched my drawing on a piece of watercolor paper. It is actually a drawing of a watercolor floral wreath with “super mama” written on the middle.

Next, I applied some loose watercolor washes on the wreath.

Once it dried, I just draw the flowers using my dip pen. I am not very satisfied with the outcome but I am quite pleased with the ink effect. Perhaps, I should use dip pen more in my future art 😉

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dip pen drawing practice

What do you think of this drawing? Have you tried using dip pen in your drawings before? Feel free to share your tips in the comment section below.

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