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This blog has been very quiet for the past couple of months. I have been working on some new projects and hardly have time to focus on blogging. One of the things I have been working on is to set up my Etsy shop. This shop has been around since 2015 but I was not active there for a very long time. Well, until recently. I have been using Artfinder to sell my artwork because it offered free listings, unlike Etsy. However, sometime in January, I received an email from Artfinder. Apparently, the site has introduced 3 new seller plans – Starter Plan, Standard Plan, and Professional Plan. Started Plan is free but only allow maximum 30 listings and the other two require monthly fees. Hmmm…I know the fees aren’t too expensive BUT as someone who doesn’t make a lot of money YET, they are pretty steep. So, I decided to close my Artfinder shop and reactivate my Etsy. Yes, Etsy does charge for the listing fees ($0.20/listing) but they are renewable only after four months, and not monthly like Artfinder’s.

My shop is pretty much complete except for 10 listings that I still need to work on. I am selling my original artworks and their digital copies. You can check them out here: Coloringiship’s Art & Design or on the Shop tab.




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