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It’s Monday night here (GMT+8). How is your Monday so far? I hope everyone is having a great day. I didn’t blog over the weekend because I was busy with life! However, I managed to squeeze some time to work on this new painting for my Valentine’s Day series. I hope it can be completed latest by tomorrow evening.

Other than working on this piece I was researching other print-on-demand sites where I can set up shops to sell my stuff. I was looking specifically for shoes. I remembered Zazzle used to offer Keds (if I am not mistaken) as one of their wide range of products and then they pulled it out. That was several years ago. I even set up a store way back in 2013, and made some sales. Then I got my son and I was busy with a baby and a toddler at home I had to put my art on hold for a couple of years. I abandoned the shop but I am thinking of “resurrecting” it this year since Zazzle offers shoes and flip-flops now. I know Zazzle has tons of products but I will just focus on the shoes since I already have my two other shops – Redbubble and Society6. So Zazzle shop will be one of my to-do projects this year.

And while I was reading blog posts on Steemit, someone was posting about this very interesting site – Homesteaders Co-op . It’s a marketplace for crafters, artisans, artists to sell their home-made goods and get paid in USD, Steem, or Steem Back Dollar (SBD). Cool! Now, I know some of my readers are not familiar with Steemit/Steem/SBD. I am sorry about that but I will make a post about Steemit (and how I earned side income)  one of these days. I haven’t check out the site but I am bookmarking it for future reference.

I am selling some of my paintings over on Artfinder. Shipping is FREE worldwide. You can check them out here: ARTFINDER. My gifts & merchandise available at SOCIETY6REDBUBBLE and CREATIVE UNITED





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