Valentine’s Day Doodle | Lovebirds!

valentine's day doodle

The second painting in my Valentine’s Day doodle series – the lovebirds! Initially, I wanted to color the whole thing but I thought the doodles look better in black and white :).

I will make this painting available as a coloring page in the next few days. I need some time to clean the image to make it suitable as a coloring page. And this will be my first coloring page in a long time! I haven’t come out with new coloring pages for almost a couple of years. One reason I took a break from adult coloring world was that I wanted to focus on improving my skills in other areas like portrait sketching. Also, another reason was, to be honest, I was tired of countless art theft that was (still is) plaguing the coloring world. People were stealing coloring pages from the internet instead of buying them from the artists who work so hard to produce those pages. And there were the fraudsters, so-called artists who stole images from the internet and reproduced them as coloring pages and took all the credit and sales. Thieves! It just amazed me how people will go down so low just for their own gain. I can’t compete with those who can mass produce coloring books/pages from images they do not own. It hurts real bad when you see those thieves making lots of money and here I am trying to earn a living with full integrity and honesty, and hardly a sale.

Anyway, I digress. I should not let those low lives affect me so much 😐

The progress photos:

It’s up in my shops – Redbubble and Society6.

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