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It’s Friday and the third day of the new school term. Life has gone back to its old routine with my daughter going to school on weekdays. She will turn 9 in October and she is in Year 3. I know this is cliche but time flies so fast! Just several days ago I was viewing my kids’ baby photos and today they are older and cheekier. My son will turn 5 in a couple of weeks. He is supposed to be in pre-school but we can’t afford it this year so he has to skip that and will go to kindergarten next year. Like his sister, I will homeschool him this year and hopefully, by the beginning of next year, he is able to read and write a bit. And that means I will have lesser time to work on my art because I need to spend a couple of hours to tutor my kids. Anyway, not that I am complaining 🙂

Here’s the latest addition to my shops – the wild child. This painting was originally from my Groovy Bohemian Coloring Pack #1 available in my Gumroad store. If you are wondering if I will continue to make coloring pages this year, the answer is yes, but I will not be publishing coloring books because I can’t commit to a huge project. The last time I worked on a book, I developed a mild Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and had to take a break from drawing for a month 🙁

Some sample products from my shops – Redbubble and Society6.

I am selling some of my paintings over on Artfinder. Shipping is FREE worldwide. You can check them out here: ARTFINDER. My gifts & merchandise available at SOCIETY6REDBUBBLE and CREATIVE UNITED

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