My Christmas Celebration

Christmas is two days away but we are already celebrating it! It began on 8 December when we had our Christmas party with a group of church friends. I knew it was way too early to have a Christmas party but we wanted to celebrate it early because many people will be going on holidays towards the end of the year.

One of the highlights of this party was a Christmas tree decoration contest. We were divided into four groups and we had a week to plan for this contest. My group came up with a very creative idea to build a Christmas tree using small stackable containers with edible jelly!¬† The rest of the groups also came up with great ideas but guess what? My group won the contest! We brought all kinds of Christmas decor and baubles to decorate our so-called tree. I even decorated the wall with my Christmas paintings! It was a lot of fun ūüôā

Here’s a photo of my group and our Christmas tree.

That’s my husband leading the Christmas caroling.

And yes, our marvelous Christmas tree! We used 100 containers and the jelly was made by a friend. We distributed them to everyone after the party and they were very yummy!

Other than this party, we also had an advanced Christmas service at the church this morning. We got to sing beautiful Christmas songs and exchange gifts with friends.  The kids were having their own Christmas party at the Sunday school hall. Here are a couple of pictures of the kids having a great time during their party.

And the Christmas caroling during the service this morning. 

So that’s how I celebrated my Christmas so far. Our family will have a small celebration on the 25 December and maybe a short trip somewhere. So what about you? If you are celebrating Christmas how is your preparation so far or how do you spend your holiday season this year? Whatever you do I hope you will have a fantastic time!

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