Christmas Art | The Snowflake

Here is the 7th painting in my Christmas/holiday season series – the snowflake. I made some mistakes with this one but instead of starting a new painting, I decided to incorporate those mistakes and turn them to something pretty. I will not say where those mistakes were but suffice to say I am not too pleased¬†with the background color. To make it looks more appealing and not too “cold” I used white acrylic paint to improve the contrast and overall painting. And I am pretty happy with the result ūüôā

I used this painting as a part of a Christmas decoration contest and my group won! I shall write more about that party in the next couple of post. Anyway, a friend’s ten years old daughter was so impressed with this painting and she requested her mom to buy it for her LOL. Of course, I was more than happy to sell it to¬†the¬†sweet girl. So, the original copy has been sold and I only have the digital copy with me which I uploaded to both of my shops here: Redbubble and Society6. ūüôā

The progress photos:

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