Christmas Reindeer Doodle Art

Now that I have completed my totem animal series, I am free to work on my Christmas/Christianity and holiday themed art. Yesterday I posted about a painting I painted three months ago which I also included in this new series. And today I am sharing my newest painting – the Christmas reindeer doodle art. It’s not Rudolph unfortunately because he doesn’t have a red nose LOL. It feels good to paint in my regular style using the fine liner and watercolor. This feels a lot more comfortable and familiar.

Here are the progress photos of this painting. The original colors are very different from the scanned image. Like for example the teal sections you see above were actually in blueish green as you can see below.

And here is the completed painting. What do you think of it? Please leave your comments below. (Previously I disabled the comment section on my site due to thousands of spams I received from desperate individuals promoting their businesses).

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