Disappeared For A Couple of Weeks Due to Dengue Fever

Hi all, I have been silent and not post anything for more than a couple of weeks. There is a serious reason why I didn’t post anything. My kids and I contracted the dreadful dengue fever. For those who are not aware of this disease, dengue fever is a mosquito-borne tropical disease caused by the dengue virus. This illness has no vaccine and no medication. The survival rate depends on our immune system to fight the disease. And one of the things that help to fight the virus is to keep our body hydrated as much as we can. However, it wasn’t easy as it sounds.

I developed a fever before my kids. It started with a high fever, above 39 Celcius, followed by joint and muscles pain, and extreme fatigue. Then the horrible headaches came. And I had no appetite and very nauseous. My son had his fever the day after mine and my daughter a week later. My son and I were hospitalized around the same time and my daughter a week later. I am not going to share the details of our ordeal here because it was horrible. Our fever lasted for a week but thankfully my kids didn’t suffer as much as I did. My platelets count dropped to 30 on day 5 and my gum started to bleed on the same day but thank God it wasn’t severe.

We were discharged after a week in the hospital and we are recovering well at home. I am still suffering from mild fatigue and I make it a point not to over exert myself and focus on being positive at all times and of course, knowing that God is still in control of my situation no matter how discouraging.

Here are some pictures which were taken when we were in the hospital and the last picture was taken today at the airport. My daughter was discharged from the hospital last Friday and the kids are doing well.

I would like to thank our family and friends for praying and assisting us during this difficult time, especially my eldest sister who came all the way from my home state to help my family. And also my niece family who was so kind in babysitting my kids while I was so sick to take care of them. I don’t think I can survive this without their selfless help. Thank you!

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