Watercolor Art | Pink Owl!

Hi all! Today I want to present to you the re-make of one of my drawings that I made earlier this year. The original owl art (below image) was made for a drawing contest on Steemit and it was in colored pencil. I didn’t win the contest though because there were so many other awesome entries. I remember the night I drew it, it was very late at night, probably around 1:00am.¬†Everyone was in bed and it was quiet. And all of sudden I heard something strange. I heard the sound of bouncing marbles on the ceiling. It wasn’t so freaky if the apartment unit above ours wasn’t empty but it was (still is)! The sound of bouncing and rolling marbles were so distinct I had to stop drawing and went to bed. I had goosebumps when I think of it. That was the first time I heard that sound and I haven’t hear it again in months. The apartment is up for sale and it has been vacant for more than a year or probably more. I am not sure if the apartment is haunted but so far, other than that night, we had no other strange incidents. Anyway, maybe I am just superstitious but here is the original owl art:

And the progress photos of the new painting in watercolor:

What do you think of these drawing/painting? Which one do you like more?

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