The Three Doodles

Hi all, how is everyone? I didn’t post anything for a couple of days because I had a stressful weekend that involved a trip to the ER, again. A couple of times this month, in fact, once when my daughter was sick with flu and now because my husband was unwell.

I am very tired of all kinds of sickness and this year has been the worse. I do not wish to talk about it, though. It has been a very discouraging month, and year, to be honest, I do hope God shows me some mercy and give us some rest from the awful challenges we have been going through.

I am trying not to complain. Been trying to tell myself there are others in worse situations out there but it has been hard.

Anyway, in good times or bad times, the one thing that has been constant is art. I have never stopped ‘arting’ even when I am pretty much deep within the pit. It’s truly an outlet to calm myself, perhaps the only thing that does not judge me, my situations, or the choices I made, well, apart from God.

So, here are some simple pattern doodles I did throughout the weekend. Nothing outstanding but enough to help me breathed and be “at the moment” when it was so difficult not to focus on the dreadful things.

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