Watercolor Art | The Cockerel

Hi all, I am not sure if I have shared this particular piece of artwork before. If I did, I can’t remember when. Anyway, I am resharing this painting again because I wanted to use the cockerel illustration in my online shops LOL. So I dug it out from one of my files, scanned it, and edited it digitally.

This painting was originally a page from a pack of coloring pages I sold online, in my Gumroad shop.  This particular page was from my Chinese Zodiac Coloring Pack. I colored this as a promotional material for my shop. And that was a couple of years ago LOL. Since then I kept it away in my file until today. It just came across my mind to re-use some of my old materials and “up-cycle” them for other things 🙂

So I scanned it and edited it digitally using the free software GIMP. I was careful to remove the background and maintained the groovy cockerel. I uploaded it first to my Society6 store. Halfway through there was a power cut and I had to start all over again. It took me 4 hours to upload the design to both of my shops. Yup, it was a lot of work and that was on top of the actual painting, and editing the image. I am not complaining because I love this job 😉

I don’t have any progress photos to share apart from this one:

And here are the products with this design on them. Do you know that Society6 has furniture in their product range? Yup, this is one of them, the credenza. However, they only ship within the USA at the moment.

And the wood panel…

The other two products are from my Redbubble shop 🙂

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