Watercolor Art | Whimsy Halloween Bat

Hi all, here is my second totem animal illustration. I originally made this for a drawing challenge on Instagram but the challenge ended last Sunday :(. The organizer is having a new theme this week. However, it didn’t stop me from continuing to illustrate whimsy animal. A couple of days ago I painted a scaredy cat and uploaded that design to my Redbubble shop. The following day I gained 6 new followers. A cat charm, I guess. I kind of trying to gauge what styles are more favorable to the masses and if I manage to narrow down the list to the most popular ones, I will probably create more art in those styles in the future. As for now, due to my diverse interests and skills, my approach is too broad and it makes it harder to market. I am bringing my art to a whole new level by starting to make more commercial illustrations.

So back to the painting. Here are the progress photos:

By the way, I finally went ahead and open a new Society6 shop…sigh…I tried to resist doing this for a couple of years but I am finally convinced because all PODs have different audiences. Redbubble crowd are more into serious/pop art stuff and Society6 is gear more to the millennials or college kids. I hope I am right. Anyway. here is the link to my Society6 site: Coloringiship at Society6. 


Thank you for checking out my post! I hope you like my art and give me a follow 🙂


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