Dilemma of a Multipotentialite | Where Do I Go From Here?

Hi all, no art post from me today. Instead, I am going to talk a bit about my artistic pursuit. I have been actively pursuing art for several years now and I consider myself to be a prolific artist. I create art almost every day for several years now and I keep almost all of my work on several files. I work 98% on paper and avoid canvases due to space constraint. I am pretty proud of my portfolio and they are quite diverse because of the different art styles and medium.

Very recently I learned a new word – multipotentialite / someone who has multipotentiality.

“An educational and psychological term referring to a pattern found among intellectually gifted individuals. [Multipotentialites] generally have diverse interests across numerous domains and may be capable of success in many endeavors or professions, they are confronted with unique decisions as a result of these choices.” ~ Wikipedia

“A multipotentialite is someone with many interests and creative pursuits. Multipotentialites have no “one true calling” the way specialists do. Being a multipotentialite is our destiny. We have many paths and we pursue all of them, either sequentially or simultaneously (or both). Multipotentialites thrive on learning, exploring, and mastering new skills. We are excellent at bringing disparate ideas together in creative ways. This makes us incredible innovators and problem solvers.” ~ Emilie Wapnick, puttylike.com

Ahhh…that explains it. I am a multipotentialite. Sounds cool!

The thing is we are often bombarded with the idea that we have to specialize, to have a voice or an art style that is distinctively YOU. What if I can’t? What if I don’t want to?

I love drawing portraits, doodles, stencils etc in equal measure and I can’t foresee myself doing just ONE thing to succeed in this field.

I am at the crossroad. After doing the same thing for several years I need to figure out what I want to do next. How do I bring my art further? I have a rough idea on what I want to achieve but it’s complicated to form a roadmap when I have such a diverse interest and skills.

I guess it’s time to take a deep reflection and also to get help ;).

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