Pattern Design | Inktober2018 Day #3 Drawing – Leaves!

Hi all, the weekend is almost over in my part of the world and it’s half an hour before midnight. How is your weekend so far? I hope you have a great day. Weekends are the busiest times in the week for me, unlike weekdays where the daily routine is predictable. Yesterday I talked a bit about celebrating my daughter’s birthday. It was a fun but an exhausting day for our family and today is no exception. Like many people, we do our grocery shopping on weekends. After church in the morning, we went to the hypermarket to shop for our essentials. As you can see, we hardly have time to rest. Resting on weekends is a myth LOL.

Anyway, despite my busy day, I managed to squeeze some time to complete this doodle. It is my third day drawing for Inktober2018. I started to draw this a couple of days ago but only managed to complete it today.

Here are the progress photos:

And of course, I used it in my Redbubble shop. It turned out pretty 🙂

It will be available on my CreativeUnited shop sometime soon. Hopefully tomorrow =)

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