My Daughter’s Birthday | A Trip to the Zoo

Hi all, no art post from me today. My daughter celebrated her 8th birthday and we had been spending the whole day to fulfill her birthday wishes. One of those wishes was to visit the National Zoo and also the Giant Panda Conservation Centre which is located within the zoo. She had been talking about this for months and we (her dad and I) had been telling her, we will bring her there on her birthday. And today we fulfilled our promises and we had a great family time at the zoo.

The last time we visited the zoo was about five years ago when my daughter was 3. My son was not born yet at that time. I asked her if she remembered anything from that trip and she said she didn’t. Back then the entrance fee was very cheap, around MYR10 (USD2.40) for adults and cheaper for children. I was quite surprised to learn that they had increased the fee to MYR44 for adults and MYR16 for kids (free entrance for 2 and below) and quickly learned that the fee was inclusive of a visit to the Giant Panda Conservation Centre. To be honest, I don’t mind the high price mainly because we don’t go there on regular basis and I am sure the money will be used to maintain the place and for the animals. I know some people are complaining about the ticket prices and I am not sure whether they are of sound mind. No one ever forces anyone to go to the zoo. If you can’t afford it or want a free animal show/viewing, well, just go to a dense jungle like our national parks, and go find the animals, or watch Youtube videos. Why bother?

I will not bore you with the details of our day but just going to show you some pictures taken today and a couple of videos of the Malayan tiger and the pony.

The weather was a typical Malaysian weather, warm and humid, but the trees provided enough shade and it wasn’t so bad. Most of the animals were napping. It was right after their feeding time and they were taking refuge from the afternoon heat.

Here are the videos. I am pleasantly surprised to see they had upgraded the tigers’ enclosures and we even managed to see the tigers up close! That was a very exciting experience!

And the pony…

Overall, it was an amazing day with the kids. We spent about 5 hours in the zoo and left when it was about 30 minutes before the closing time. We were so exhausted but the most important thing was we wanted to create memories. Children grow so fast and we want to create as many happy memories with them while we can. We never know what the future may hold, so we want to treasure every moment we have while we can 🙂

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