Pattern Design | Bungai Terung a.k.a Borneo Rosette

Hi all, today I am back with another pattern design. This design is very special to me because it’s a well-known tattoo motif of my people, the Ibans of Sarawak, Borneo (Malaysia). There is a special meaning behind this motif. This motif is called “Bungai Terung”, literally means “eggplant flower” or widely known as Borneo Rosette. When I published my first coloring book in 2015, Sarawak Tattoo Mandalas, I included a short introduction about this design. Here is an excerpt from my book:

Bungai terung is the most well known Sarawak tattoo motif. It is the first tattoo an Iban boy would receive because it marks a new life stage for him – from boyhood to manhood. The motif has a spiral at the center that is known as Tali Nyawa (rope of life). This spiral is identical to a tadpole’s visible intestine and to the Iban it symbolizes a new journey in life.

This pattern was hand-drawn and hand-painted on a piece of watercolor paper. Once completed, I scanned and edited it in GIMP and finally uploaded it to my Redbubble store. By the way, I love Redbubble but I am thinking of offering my designs on a variety of other products not offered by Redbubble. I kind of like what Society6 offers like backpack, shower curtain, beach towel, and furniture, but I am not too happy with the profit margin for the designers. I am still not sure whether to sign up or whether I have time to maintain a couple of stores. Anyway, I will think more about this and we’ll see.

Here are the progress photos:

And here are some of the products with this design on them!

Link to my store: Redbubble.

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