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Hi all, this is my first post after Hardfork20! The first thing I did once I knew we are able to post again is to check my voting power and Resource Credit (RC) at Lo and behold, like most people my voting power has been drained more than 50%, and my RC is around 48%. I guess I have to disable some of my voting trails to allow my VP and RC recharging properly. I was a bit worry that I can’t post but that’s not true. I will reply to comments but I won’t be able to vote anyone until my VP is at least 80%.

Back to my art. Here is the latest artwork that I completed a couple of days ago. I missed making stencilĀ paintings. Stencil paintings could be complicated depending on how many layers you want it to be but this one is pretty simple because I am using one layer for the stencil. I knew pro stencil painters could work months on a painting. The more complicated the painting, the more planning need to be done and of course, the more cutting involved.

Here are the progress photos. By the way, I used table salts to create the texture on the watercolor background.

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