Doodle Art | Cat!

Another “quick” doodle from me today. It’s a silhouette of a cat! Have I ever told you that I love cats? I am a cat person but I down own one. I prefer not to keep pets, at least not for now. One reason is my son has asthma and cat’s fur may trigger it. Another reason is I can’t afford to provide the best care for it – food, vaccinations etc. In my opinion, it is **better** not have a pet if I can’t provide all the basic needs it deserves. I have seen people who **”hoard”** pets and don’t provide the best care to them and the pets are suffering from sickness and malnourishment. Most never bother to spay them and they breed and breed and end up as strays. That’s not LOVE. That’s cruelty and selfishness!

Back to the doodle, here are the progress photos:

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