4 New Designs At My Redbubble Store

I have not updated my Redbubble store for several months due to some technical issues related to my images. For some unknown causes, my images were not accepted by the site. I didn’t pay much attention to it because I thought it was due to a glitch on the site. However, after trying again several times I decided to send a bug ticket to inquire. Apparently, it was caused by the EXIF data of my images. I was using GIMP to clean my scanned drawings and the software attached some data to my images that weren’t recognized by Redbubble. The tech assistant taught me to strip those data and voila! the problem is solved. And today, I managed to upload four new designs to my store.

I drew these doodles several months ago and they were meant for my Steemit stickers! However, since I owned the designs I can reuse them for whatever I like =). What do you think of these doodles? I really love intricate doodles like these but the problem is creating them make my fingers suffer 🙁

Head out to my Redbubble store to check out these products. I have many more designs already at the store and I will continue to upload new designs every week 🙂


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