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If you want to fly, give up everything that weighs you down.

What are your dreams, that something that you always want to pursue but can’t? What weighs you down? What holds you back?

I get it if you said commitments – family, debts, job. I have those too. They are common and valid excuses. We have responsibilities and we have to fulfill them. We need to work to support our family and stuff like that. But I think they shouldn’t be our excuses to not trying to pursue our dreams. Some people give excuses because they are fearful or they don’t want to do the hard work of achieving their dreams. Dreaming is a lot easier and safer than facing the uncertainties of going after our dreams. At least give it a try. Want to travel but can’t afford it? Well, you don’t have to travel far. A local travel destination is good too. An oversea trip is always nice but if you can’t afford it just work out something within your financial capability. Want to lose weight? Begin with stop stuffing yourself with unhealthy food and choose a healthier alternative and exercise. Be realistic about it though.

The key is if you want to fly or achieve your dream, you have to sacrifice something. Let go of the things that hold you back. Now I don’t condone irresponsible choices like neglecting their responsibilities or things like that. Be realistic and choose your options and actions carefully.

A watercolor and ink painting. Here are the progress photos:


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