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“We grow where things are hard.”

Yesterday I wrote about my digital doodle in Dada, which was also inspired by this quote. I started to work on this doodle painting right after I made that post. This was a fun painting to make and the idea to make this painting came from a Pinterest pin I came across recently. However, I included the quote to make it more special.

What grows when we go through hard challenges? I could think of one thing: character.

Our character could become positive or negative whenever we endure difficulties in life. The negative character would include bitterness and self-pity. The positive character would include patience, perseverance, and humility.

Which one are you?

I started this painting by sketching the outline and once the structure was in place, I used a marker to draw the outline and a fineliner to draw the doodles. Once completed, I painted it using watercolors.

The progress photos:

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