Doodle Painting | Orang Ulu Girl

“Orang Ulu” girl doodle? What is Orang Ulu? Orang Ulu literally means “people of the interior” in Malay. Orang Ulu is a term that is used to identify a group of 27 small tribal groups in the northeastern part of Sarawak (Malaysia Borneo).

The Orang Ulu tribal groups are diverse, they typically live in longhouses elaborately decorated with murals and woodcarvings.They are also well known for their intricate beadwork detailed tattoos, rattan weaving, and other tribal crafts. The Orang Ulu tribes can also be identified by their unique music – distinctive sounds from their sapes, a plucked boat-shaped lute, formerly with two strings, nowadays usually with four strings. They also practice Kanjet, a form of traditional dance. ~ Wikipedia

Orang Ulu women are well-known for their beauty. You can see pictures of them here. I am inspired to make a doodle painting as a tribute to their beauty. This doodle is not complete yet. I was busy upgrading my website and installing Steempress plugin. I heard about this plugin several months ago but I wanted to “clean up” my website before I could use it. See, I have not updated my site for more than a year and some of the information stated there had changed. I stopped updating my site when I discovered Steemit because I find it was too bothersome to post at 2 different sites. Now I am so thrilled to know there is an app that I could use to post on my site and also post on Steemit at the same time! Finally, I can use my site as my “HQ” with all the links to my art shop all in one place 🙂

I hope to finish this painting tomorrow but it all depends on my kids if they are well. Both of them are down with mild cold and my concern is for my son because he has asthma. I hope it doesn’t cause wheezing 🙁

Here are a couple of progress photos:

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